Transforming Silicon PV

Cambridge Photon Technology is developing powerful new materials to enhance the performance of solar PV modules.

A Better Answer

We solve PV manufacturers’ problems with the simplest way to a significant module power boost.

Increase module power output by up to 20% with CPT

How can solar module manufacturers raise margins and get ahead of the competition?

Cambridge Photon Technology provides the simplest, lowest cost way to a significant increase in power from solar photovoltaic modules.

Incorporated within a module, our Photon Multiplier Film uses advanced nanotechnology to split each incoming blue and green photon into two infra-red photons. This allows the silicon cell to capture energy that would otherwise be lost, and substantially increases its power output.


What does CPT’s Photon Multiplier Film do for module manufacturers?

1. Better performance

  • Up to 20% more power
  • Lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Insensitive to changes in solar spectrum colour during the day

2. Ease of integration

  • Compatible with existing module manufacturing processes
  • Little or no additional capital cost
  • No new electrical connections in module

3. Future-proofing

  • Works with all silicon cell variants
  • Generates more value as underlying cell efficiency increases

Join the Team

CPT is looking for scientists to join our growing team:

Senior Scientist (Organic Synthesis)

Senior Scientist (Nanocrystal Synthesis)

If you can see yourself playing a big rôle in a small company developing important new materials technology, please send us your curriculum vitae.

About Us

Our staff bring together deep technical and commercial knowledge, combining cutting-edge science with decades of industrial product-development experience in the fields of optics, telecommunications and optoelectronics.

We work in exclusive collaboration with world-leading scientists at the University of Cambridge.

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