October 2022 saw Cambridge Photon Technology (CPT) attend the International Symposium on Singlet Fission and Photon Fusion (ISPF2) in Italy, where world experts on singlet fission gathered and discussed progress within the field over the last four years. Singlet fission (SF) is a crucial photophysical process that enables CPTs patented photon multiplier (PM) technology to enhance the performance of silicon solar panels by as much as 15%.

Presenting as an invited speaker at the conference, Prof. Rao (CSO at CPT) offered an overview of his pioneering research on singlet fission, conducted at the University of Cambridge. Rao also detailed CPTs developments in the proprietary materials that allow the application of singlet fission materials to solar panels. Also in attendance were Dr. Dowland and Dr. Montanaro – Scientists at CPT.

The conference offered a great opportunity to assess CPTs current material endeavours on the world stage, engage in the critical discussions around assessment of new SF materials, while strengthening cross-continent collaborations. CPTs position was confirmed as an undisputed world-leader in both their design of singlet fission materials and approach to improved performance of silicon solar panels.